Grandma Towler’s English Breakfast Tea – The “Tomorrow We Brew” Bundle

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Full-bodied, rich and smooth, our English breakfast tea is a blend of the finest quality teas from around the world.

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Full-bodied, rich and smooth, our English breakfast tea is a blend of the finest quality teas from around the world.

3 x 80 English Breakfast Tea Bags. 750g in total.

Our English breakfast tea is Rainforest Alliance Certified.

We currently in the process of migrating from 100% recyclable plastic pouches to 100% recyclable biodegradable paper pouches. You may receive either with your order.

Carefully packed in the United Kingdom for Grandma Towler’s.

For Best Before and Batch, please see base of pack.

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14 reviews for Grandma Towler’s English Breakfast Tea – The “Tomorrow We Brew” Bundle

  1. Kerry (verified owner)

    Bought one to keep and two for Christmas presents, these are packaged so attractively and look so cosy, and they even came with two envelopes, one containing collectible tea cards and some Grannie T’s stickers, and the other containing a hand written thank you card from Laura and Grandma Towler herself! What a lovely personal touch, thank you.

  2. TheoWilmot (verified owner)

    Great tasting, beautifully packaged and comes with a lovely collectible cards and stickers! I will keep one bag for myself (which won’t last long at this rate) and give the other two as gifts. The recipients will be dead chuffed! I recommend Grandma Towler’s 100% – it’s fantastic to support a small British business owned and run by patriots and it tastes better knowing your money is going towards good causes!

  3. Philip broughton (verified owner)

    I was pleasantly surprised by this. Grandma Towler’s is a great tasting tea and it’s feels really good to be supporting a new patriotic British business.

  4. Stuart Taylor (verified owner)

    Great taste, quite similar to other brands except it doesn’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth by supporting the dismantling of your cultural heritage. Novel indeed! Well done Grandma Towler’s, I’m taking a pack to share with the family at Christmas x

  5. John Ings (verified owner)

    Tea tastes lovely. Excellent delivery. Beautiful packaging. I’ll be back. 10/10

  6. Anthony (verified owner)

    My tea finally arrived today and it was worth the wait. Very nice tasting. Will definitely be buying more in the future. I also liked the groovy cards that came with it.

  7. Banksy (verified owner)

    Postie delivered my bundle of tea today😃
    Packaging great, with a lovely thank you envelope containing receipt. Collector cards are cute.(I did get the red squirrel🐿)
    The first cup of tea I had was in a China cup, with milk no sugar, (teabag first!) And it tasted rich,unlike many big name brands. Goes well with cheese and pickle on a cracker, so that’ll do for me!
    I’ll be placing an order again, and definitely recommend to family and friends.
    Thank you Grandma Towler ❤️

  8. shona beggs (verified owner)

    My second order arrived yesterday, for my Dad & his wife who were instant convert’s. Thanks Laura & the Tea team, Merry Christmas xx

  9. Richard EastSussex (verified owner)

    I bought this for a few reasons; mainly political as I wanted to support a British run organisation with a likeminded outlook & also environmental, as the majority of tea manufacturers still use plastic laced teabags and/or have plastic packaging.

    Grandma Towler’s more than satisfies on these issues alone, but to my delight, I have found it is also a far superior brew to other Breakfast Tea’s I’ve tried.
    My wife is also a convert now & I’ve got a few friends and family asking about it too!

    If the political & environmental concerns aren’t of interest to you, you should still buy this tea as it really is the best I’ve tried, so it’s win win all round!

    I fully intend to make this my Tea of choice from now on & will be ordering more as soon as I run low.

  10. Dougal (verified owner)

    Super fast delivery. Arrived yesterday and had four cups throughout the day. A very tasty tea even for my hard London water and so much nicer than the usual brands. The packaging design is perfect for the tea.

  11. Jack Shepard (verified owner)

    A delicious blend.

    A strong tea which is comparable to it’s inspiration, though with an ever so slight more citrus flavour and none of the disgusting attitudes. Well packaged and fresh, delivered promptly with some adorable cards and stickers which are fun to find a use for.

    Would recommend to anyone.

  12. S (verified owner)

    A lovely, mild flavour. I gave a cup to my mother who struggles with taste but she enjoyed this brew, the first she had enjoyed in a long time. Grandma Towler’s is a wonderful British owned business and one I am proud to support.

  13. Leon Evans (verified owner)

    Tastes great and is good value for money. The personal touches like the stickers and collectible cards were a nice surprise as well.

  14. Billy Green (verified owner)

    A really beautiful breakfast tea, flavourful but not overwhelming, with some nice floral hints in there which other teas either neglect or go overboard with. I’ll be chucking out my PG Tips and replacing it with this rather patriotic alternative to your typical morning brew.

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