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“Hands down the best tea bags. Was a Tetley drinker and Yorkshire tea gave me heartburn. Cheers me up no end that they told people to stop drinking their tea. Because of that, we’ve now got good tea!”


“I always look forward to receiving my GT order! Not only is it now my favourite English breakfast tea, it also comes with the added bonus of outstanding customer service and a set of collectable British wildlife cards! They really go the extra mile at GT!”


“I will definitely be purchasing again, the English Breakfast tea is so complex and delicious and the Great Awakening Coffee packs a punch but still retains great flavour. I have already recommended Grandma Towler’s to all my friends.”


Still by far the best tasting Earl Grey Tea on the market. Strong flavour, unlike the big-name brands that are a bit weak and insipid.


It arrived incredibly quickly and was well packaged. The tea is really delicious and I am very pleased to be able to support this business. Keep up the brilliant work you do.


Just wanted to say how happy I am with the quality of the Great Awakening coffee. Obviously buying from a small British business operating more ethically means paying more per bag, but the quality of the product means it’s definitely competing at the top end of the market. It’s well worth paying for.


Just received our 4th Greater Brew of Grandma Towler’s tea along with cards and a conker! Thank you for a lovely cup of char and for supporting white wellbeing, you won’t find a better cuppa anywhere else, we love it!


GT’s has replaced my usual brands. With its rich flavour, others are now bland in comparison. I always keep stocks of GT’s up!


Excellent coffee, does exactly what it says on the tin! Part of my morning routine, just before walking the dogs. Lovely, jubbly!


Loved my first order of GT tea, best brew I’ve had! Converting all my family to the cause (the tea), they are already on board with the other cause! Many congratulations on the family news.