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Excellent coffee, does exactly what it says on the tin! Part of my morning routine, just before walking the dogs. Lovely, jubbly!


Loved my first order of GT tea, best brew I’ve had! Converting all my family to the cause (the tea), they are already on board with the other cause! Many congratulations on the family news.


Both my orders were in taste awesome and the packaging and cards added to that. I recommend to anyone to buy especially when the profits are used to invest back into the community. 10/10!


The Earl Grey tea which you have selected, is the best of any brand/blend I have yet tried. It is now, and will continue henceforth to be, my first choice – I drink ten to fifteen cups a day. Heartfelt congratulations to you and Sam, on being soon to become parents.


I can thoroughly recommend Grandma Towlers coffee it’s the nicest ground coffee I have ever tasted and well worth it. I’ve just re-ordered more to keep me fully awakened.


Without doubt, this is the nicest coffee I’ve ever had. It’s just what I need to get me through my 12 hr shifts. I genuinely look forward to my morning coffee everyday. Thank you!


Thank you so much for my order, which arrived down here in Melbourne yesterday. Both the tea and coffee are wonderful. The cards are so beautiful – made me feel very homesick..!!


Recently received the Earl Grey tea bags. I normally buy from Fortnum & Mason, as they are the only ones I’ve found that I really like. No more. These are excellent. Well done.


Received my 3 pack of Earl Grey today. It really is lovely! Thank you once again for the wonderful service, it genuinely does have a caring and personal feel to it. Thank you!!


Love Grandma Towler Breakfast Blend. Tried with milk and lemon and enjoyed both, very refreshing and great way to kick off the day. Very proud to support a pro British company.