Grandma Towler’s English Breakfast Tea – Single Pack (80 Tea Bags)

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Full-bodied, rich and smooth, our English breakfast tea is a blend of the finest quality teas from around the world.

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Full-bodied, rich and smooth, our English breakfast tea is a blend of the finest quality teas from around the world.

1 x 80 English Breakfast Tea Bags. 250g in total.

Our English breakfast tea is Rainforest Alliance Certified.

We currently in the process of migrating from 100% recyclable plastic pouches to 100% recyclable biodegradable paper pouches. You may receive either with your order.

Carefully packed in the United Kingdom for Grandma Towler’s.

For Best Before and Batch, please see base of pack.

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26 reviews for Grandma Towler’s English Breakfast Tea – Single Pack (80 Tea Bags)

  1. Phillipa (verified owner)

    Tea and mug arrived today, beautifully presented products with really cool packaging and a fantastic cuppa! Whats not to like, would highly recommend.

  2. Dominic Broom (verified owner)

    The tea tastes and smells great! I love the packaging and the collectible card. I got a Robin! The detail is excellent and is a nice addition to the tea itself.

  3. Jordan Cattell (verified owner)

    A long awaited product and it sure did not disappoint. A fantastic cup of tea, full of flavour and very reasonably priced. Thank you Grandma Towler – God bless you.

  4. Jane (verified owner)

    The delivery was prompt and the tea tastes great! I love that the packaging is fully recyclable and the tea bags are completely biodegradable. The illustrations are very cute and the tea cards are a really nice touch. Definitely would recommend.

  5. d_thompson (verified owner)

    Really lovely tea, full of flavour. well packaged and a lovely thank you note inside. Really like the resealable pouch too. I will definitely buy this tea again. Highly recommend

  6. Joseph Mason (verified owner)

    My tea arrived carefully packed, and the package itself was just as exquisite as the pictures here (and environmentally friendly too!). As soon as I opened the package, I could smell the rich aroma of the teabags which I knew right away promised me a truly wonderful brew. The smooth blend of Assam and Ceylon chosen by Grandma Towler’s works perfectly, and has a finer taste than any other tea brand that comes to mind. I also loved the brilliantly illustrated collector’s card I got with the tea – it’s a fantastic idea and brings back fond memories of the cards we used to get with tea boxes many years ago. I could not recommend this enough.

  7. Anonymous

    Really delicious tea. Highly recommended!

  8. Saturn V (verified owner)

    lovely tea – a drink with a satisfying after taste

  9. Thomas Parker (verified owner)

    This tea is definitely now the brew for me and my family. It has a really lovely taste at any time of the day, not just at breakfast. And it makes it even better knowing that Grandma Towler and her helpers are true British patriots. I’ll try and get one of those beautiful looking mugs next time.

  10. callum (verified owner)

    Lovely tea!

  11. Caratacus (verified owner)

    Went lovely with my Lincolnshire sausage, fried onion and tomato sandwich. Had to have a second one afterwards!

  12. Harold (verified owner)

    Had my first cup of your tea today and it was absolutely spiffing stuff! I will get all my tea from this company from now on. It tastes all the better knowing that I’m supporting fellow patriots.

  13. Neale Patterson (verified owner)

    Just had my first cup of Grandma Towler’s Tea. It is really pleasant and tasty. I recommend it and I shall be buying more !

  14. Alex (verified owner)

    Excellent cup of tea, lovely flavour and appreciate the nice card too. If you want a cup of tea and not a cup of pc.. This is the tea for you.

  15. James Smallcombe (verified owner)

    When I first stumbled across this new brand of tea I couldn’t help my self but to give it a crack! and as I’m Australian I knew I would have to wait the usual shipping time to cop it, Crikey! it was worth the wait!
    The flavor of tea is fair dinkum as advertised, Strong but with a hint of herb so it’s not like that cheap generic gear you get from the supermarket. This tea will be perfect for brekky or after a hard days yakka!
    I can’t wait to share a brew with my fellow true blue mates!
    Cheers Grandma!

  16. StevenFowler (verified owner)

    Eagerly waited for the next available batch to buy and posting was pretty quick and have not been disappointed with the tea and I love the packaging design and definitely intend on buying regularly from now on and avoiding supermarket brands.

    Well done!.

  17. d_thompson (verified owner)

    My second order of tea and I’m still impressed – the tea is gorgeous, well packaged and arrived in good time. The little cards and stickers are simply a nice touch and perfect for this grown up kid !! Absolutely top notch company, recommending to all my friends and family

  18. Amberswain (verified owner)

    I bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas since he’s a tea lover and we both share the same views as this company. He already had about 10 cups and says it the best tea he’s ever had, much better compared to well known brands like Yorkshire tea. The bags they come in are cute and come with cards you can collect plus a few business cards.

  19. Gareth Graham (verified owner)

    Thoroughly enjoyable cup of tea, and I’m not one for such. I may be converted from drinking coffee at this rate! I was also rather quite surprised by the quality of the collectable card.

  20. Jesse Swenk (verified owner)

    I absolutely cannot, for the life of me, ever remember having a tea that tastes this clean and flavorful. This is absolutely superior to any bagged or loose-leaf black tea I’ve had. You’ve got a customer for life!

  21. LordAragorn (verified owner)

    Love the tea you guys! I got this for my Mom for Easter Sunday

    I let the tea bag settle in my metal canteen coup w/ hot water. Nice knowing I can enjoy a product without going to woke Anti-White companies.

    Much love and support from across the pond.

  22. Robert Whiteley (verified owner)

    Great company, great products.

  23. Laila Hofoss (verified owner)

    In Norway we love this tea too! I ordered two mugs and breakfast tea and it really is true! This tea tastes wonderful! Even more wonderful to support you people!

  24. MilosM. (verified owner)

    I wondered how could I help white nationalist cause. And GrandMa Towler Tea came as reasonable answer. And the tea rocks! Plus, cool, biodegradable packaging. What’s not to like?

  25. S G (verified owner)

    Was sceptical at first as someone who drinks their tea black, I only drink loose leaf, was pleasantly surprised, delicious! It’s rare you come across a teabag that can be steeped for a while and not be overly bitter, my new source for tea! The postage is quick and well packaged. The pricing is very fair and one of the best perks is that you’re not funding the anti white capitalists, you’re funding your own folk. Can’t reccomend these more. Looking forward to trying the coffee!

  26. Harold (verified owner)

    This is my second purchase of Grandma Towler’s Tea and the quality remains high. You can tell that this was created with love and care.

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