Grandma Towler’s is a family-run business run by husband and wife, Sam and Laura, and Laura’s grandmother, Grandma Towler.

Launched in November 2020, Grandma Towler’s provides an alternative for customers who are fed up of brands and products bowing down to woke capital.

Today, almost every product – from your ice cream, to your razor, to your bath products, to your tea – has jumped on the bandwagon of empty platitudes. In these times, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make sure that your hard earned cash isn’t funding an organisation that runs in opposition to your beliefs.

With so many brands prioritising virtue signalling over the wellbeing and happiness of their customers, we decided we’d had enough. Because if you can’t enjoy a hot, tasty beverage in the morning without funding the dismantling of our police and the pulling down of our monuments, then what can you enjoy?

And thus, Grandma Towler’s was launched. The name was chosen by you – the British public – who decided to name the brand after our founder, Laura Towler’s, grandmother. Grandma Towler herself was dead chuffed with the decision!

Rest assured that we will never support any anti-British organisations, nor will we ever ask you to take the knee or apologise for who you are – quite the opposite in fact. We’re proud of our country’s rich history, the achievements of the British, and we’re not – and never will be – sorry for anything.

Although Grandma Towler’s is a separate entity to any other organisation, profits from the sales of Grandma Towler’s tea will be invested back into projects that help our people and our communities.